Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_LookupCombo, TIB_LookupList combination
Author Daniel Jimenez
> > The problem is that once the grid has loaded the data, and a user
> > clicks on the TIB_LookupCombo, which inturn makes the
> TIB_LookupList
> > display its contents, the first time it is displayed, the
> > TIB_LookupList is small in size (width and height, so that
> it contains
> > scroll bars), if the user clicks on the same TIB_LookupCombo once
> > more, this second and any subsequent times the TIB_LookupList is
> > displayed with the correct width and height.
> >
> this might be the same problem I had some time ago.
> It was only visible when there were only one or two values in
> the LookupList, and only when it was dropped down for the
> first time after opening the dataset.
> You can solve the problem by setting the property
> DropDownWidth to a higher value.
> If you have older postings available, there was a thread
> about it at around 13th of May 2004.
> Florian
In my case the problem exist regardless of the number of records in the
LookupList (ranging from 1 to 20). But I agree that it only exist on the
first dropdown attempt.

I will go through the archive.

Thank you


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