Subject RE: [IBO] Helen .. perhaps this is clearer
Author Jason Wharton
> Don't you also have to set the gridlinks property of the
> lookupcombo to the fields you want displayed when it's
> dropped down? I know that I had to define them when I use
> the component.


GridLinks is a way to allow the TIB_Grid to override the Visible settings on
the TIB_Column objects (derived from the FieldsVisible property).

This is to address the kind of case where you have two grids both accessing
the same dataset simultaneously, but you want different columns to be
visible in each one.

Since I didn't want to redo all the GridColumn stuff like TDBGrid did, I
just tacked on this GridLinks property so the grid could just tell what
columns were visible and in what order.

So, it's not a property you are required to use, it's just there in the case
when you need it.

Also, thank you for your acknowledging remarks.
It's nice to have you here testing the waters.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton