Subject Helen .. perhaps this is clearer
Author Adrian Wreyford
Lets say I have ANIMAL table, with field called location.

Thisa field stores where the animal finds itself.

Location could have values eg: here, there, anywhere.

Now I could insert these values using a IB_COMBOBOX, with the dataset set
to Animal table, and the field to location, and a stringlist which contains
"here, there, anywhere".

This is however a hardcoded method for static variables..

Thus I created table location, for the user to add their own locations eg:

"CampB, CampC, CampD"

And now I would like to insert values from LOCATION table using a dropdown
list into the ANIMAL tables location field for every animal.

Perhaps IB_LOOKUPCOMBO is not the correct component to use?

How would you suggest I go about this.


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