Subject RE: [IBO] Does requesting Username/PW allow easier access to the database?
Author Adrian Wreyford
Unfortunately this is how it works.

The database is not secure, but it is construed that the server should be,
thus nobody would get access to the passwords, but if you are distributing
your database, well then a free for all.

I have had this problem for ages, as my database for distribution is filled
with sensitive data, that anybody can get into, or even modify slightly and
bring out another app based on all my hard work put into the database.

I believe they are working on this one.


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Subject: [IBO] Does requesting Username/PW allow easier access to the

Is the following reasoning correct? If not, why not?

If someone copies a database to their own FB installation and the app
request a user/pw in order to run the app, then that someone would just
have to enter their own SYSDBA/masterkey combination and be able to run
the application.

If it is encrypted in the application, then that would make it more

Raymond Kennington

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