Subject RE: [IBO] Helen .. perhaps this is clearer
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:47 PM 20/11/2004 +0200, you wrote:

>Do I now have to type all the fields into the select statement.
> Shew, this is why I was hoping for a simple property to set the relation.
> Is there a easier way to set up above?

Yes, certainly. Don't design applications that have 200 fields. SELECT *
queries on large structures don't have a place in client/server application
programming. The key thing here is "design consciously". If you have to
store 200 columns in the table, that's OK. But design apps that make sense
for the task in hand. Design queries that fetch usable sets of data and
design applications that make it easy for the user to get the set she
wants, *if* she happens to want to get it.

Whenever I see a SELECT * query, I see a developer who hasn't yet thrown
the dummy away. SELECT * == TTable. To write sound C/S apps you have to
forget that TTable ever existed. It was invented for the comfort of
Paradox programmers, not for client/server applications.