Subject Re: [IBO] Helen .. perhaps this is clearer
Author Woody (TMW)
> Right. Drop in the two datasources, dsAnimal hooked to qrAnimal, dsLoc
> hooked to qrLoc.
> Drop in the tib_lookupcombo. Set its datasource to dsLoc, set
> to Description.
> Now, move to qrLoc.
> KeySource: dsAnimal
> KeyLinks: LocationID=qrAnimal.LocationID
> KeyDescLinks: Description=Loc_Name
> KeySeeking := True
> Now, qrAnimal:
> KeyLinks: AnimalID
> RequestLive: True
> Done.


Don't you also have to set the gridlinks property of the lookupcombo to
the fields you want displayed when it's dropped down? I know that I had to
define them when I use the component.


Don't give up. It gets much easier. If you have been used to using IBX
as I am, you need to understand that there is a totally different approach
to IBO. IBO does some things automatically behind the scenes in a "smart"
way that IBX doesn't. When I first started using IBO a few months ago, I too
went nuts for a day or two until I started figuring out that I needed to
change my thinking. Now, each time I use something different, the time it
takes to figure it out is getting less and less. I used to be very sceptical
when reading about IBO through these groups until I actually started using
it. Being a programmer for many years, I can honestly say that I am
extremely impressed with Jason's work. I guarantee that you will too if you
stick with it.

Woody (TMW)