Subject Cannot get TIB_LookupCombo to work as expected .. I know its my fault!
Author Adrian Wreyford
I've been at it for 2 whole hours.

Well, I know I'm overlooking basics here.

So maybe somebody VERY PATIENT will help out here, or give it a pass.

PS. I can recite the help file and the example file line for line, but no
good to me, so please don't suggest I read it!

I have a Query called IB_QueryANIMAL

I have a field in the ANIMAL table called LOCATION.

I have a LOCATION table, with a field called LOCATION, with IB_QueryLOCATION
(Select * from LOCATION)

I would like to display the contents of TABLE location in a LookupCombo, for
entry into table ANIMAL

The DBLOOKUPCOMBO gives a ListSource, and a Datasource.

IF using DBLookupCombo for above then I would set the ListSource to point to
LOCATION table, and Datasource to point to ANIMAL table, and two ticks later
all working wonderfully easily.

TIB_LookupCombo, only has DataSource, and DisplayField.

How many IB_Queries do I need.?

How do I set up the Master child relationship?

How does the loopupCombo know to insert the data into IB_QueryAnimal once
the selection has been made .. I cannot find a way to bind it to ANIMAL.

Just get it to display the lookup data, but with no effect on animal.



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