Subject RE: [IBO] Searching into Formatted memo fields
Author Jason Wharton
> I have a TIB_RichEdit connected to a memo field.
> I want to use a Query to search in this memo field, but
> everytime I use
> words like 'font', 'size', 'color' as search criterias I have
> a result set
> even if I don't have those words in the field value. Is there
> a way I can
> search into Formatted text by using a query by ignoring the
> text format
> tags?

None that I know of. There are three routes you can take:

1) Write a blob filter and somehow invoke it via the text searching
mechanism. (I have no idea how or if you can do this.)

2) Maintain a separate column that contains only the plain text version of
the field and search on it in place of the rtf version.

3) Use the full text searching mechanisms available in IBO and pass it the
plain text version of the rtf stuff so that it builds its indexes using only
the text content.

Jason Wharton