Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Pump
Author Robert martin
I have a solution, I build a list of fields instead of the ' * ', using the following SQL....

SELECT rdb$Field_Name AS FieldsName

FROM rdb$Relation_Fields

WHERE RDB$Relation_Name = :aTableName AND Rdb$Update_Flag > 0

ORDER BY Rdb$Field_ID;

It seems that the Rdb$Update_Flag field is 1 for read / write fields and 0 for read only fields. This seems a good solution except... 'The Firebird Book' states this field is 'Not used in Firebird'. Am I going to have problems or is this a error in the book?

Rob Martin
Software Engineer

phone 03 377 0495
fax 03 377 0496
Wild Software Ltd
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From: Robert martin
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 2:13 PM
Subject: [IBO] IB_Pump

Hi All

I am using the IB_Pump to pump data from one table to another. I do this in
a loop for a number of tables using the following SQL as the source cursors

SELECT * FROM ' + FieldByName('TableName').AsString

Problems occur when the source table contains COMPUTED fields, the pump
crashes. Given that the table structures will change over time, how do I
avoid this problem?

I had thought of Joining RDB$Relation_Fields but dont see any field that
identifies this as a COMPUTED Field.

Rob Martin
Software Engineer

phone 03 377 0495
fax 03 377 0496
Wild Software Ltd

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