Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Pump
Author Robert martin
I am still having problems with the IB_Pump. When I explicitly specify the fields in the Source and destination cursors I get funny errors about Null fields (none of the fields are null).

I must be doing something wrong with the IB_Pump as I now note that there is a DPItemActions property which as a SKIPPED option ...

'SKIPPED means that it is not possible to make any association for the specified column and that it will not be processed. This will only happen if you are using a SELECT statement that includes a readonly or COMPUTED column.'

Is this a read only property or should I be setting this myself (If so what is the format .. FieldName=SKIPPED?). This is frustrating as the system was working just fine until I added some computed fields to the database.

Help !!

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From: Robert martin
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Subject: Re: [IBO] IB_Pump

I have a solution, I build a list of fields instead of the ' * ', using the following SQL....

SELECT rdb$Field_Name AS FieldsName

FROM rdb$Relation_Fields

WHERE RDB$Relation_Name = :aTableName AND Rdb$Update_Flag > 0

ORDER BY Rdb$Field_ID;

It seems that the Rdb$Update_Flag field is 1 for read / write fields and 0 for read only fields. This seems a good solution except... 'The Firebird Book' states this field is 'Not used in Firebird'. Am I going to have problems or is this a error in the book?

Rob Martin
Software Engineer

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