Subject Transaction isolations
Author Anthony Ison
Hi all,

I have a database that has one group of static tables another group of
dynamic tables.

The dynamic data is being saved while the static data is being updated.
The dynamic data has foreign keys that is related to the static data.

My problem is that I am getting a lock conflict when I am trying to save
the dynamic data, and it says there is a foreign key violation on the
static data (which there isn't).

Here's the sequence of events:
1. Start static transaction (Commited isolation, RecVersion true,
LockWait false)
2. Update all records in table A.
3. Start dynamic transaction (Commited isolation, RecVersion True,
LockWait false)
4. Insert dynamic data (with foreign key to table A) - this blows up
5. Commit dynamic transaction
6. Commit static transaction

I suspect I may not be using the correct transaction settings?

This is probably not the right place to post, but I don't know enough
about transactions to determine if this is an interbase problem, an ibo
problem, or my problem...

Thanks in advance for any help.