Subject RE: [IBO] IBObjects upgrade
Author Jason Wharton

I don't mind this being asked here. Others may have the same concerns.

I don't recall your emails so perhaps there is some break between us. More
than likely my spam filter...

Unfortunately where I said 12 months in the app was hardcoded and I didn't
change the web-app. I guess I should have done that, although, I didn't
want to touch this app prior to drawing a lot of attention to it. "You
touch it, you break it" applies all to frequently with me...

What item were you buying and what was the price? Might it have been an
item already in the cart prior to the sale? Remove it and add it again.
Oh, I see, renewal normally is $175 and I dropped off $20. That's more than

Jason Wharton

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> Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2004 7:30 PM
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> Subject: [IBO] IBObjects upgrade
> Jason, sorry to raise this here but I am not getting any
> response from info
> or your direct email address.
> Jason - sorry if this is a re-send but I'm never sure if you
> get this email
> with regard to the special upgrade offer:
> Thanks for this but I need some clarification.
> The offer says a renewal at a discounted price and 6 months
> to the license
> period
> My cart has the same price as a normal renewal and the renewal says 12
> months.
> Have I misunderstood?
> I was expecting to see something less than $155 (renewal of
> data access) and
> 18 months in the license period.
> Could you clarify your offer please?
> thanks
> Alan