Subject RE: [IBO] Edit data aware components question
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:45 AM 5/11/2004 +1100, you wrote:

>Helen, unfortunately after having set the TIB_Cursor "FieldsReadOnly"
>property for the fields I would like to edit, it is still not allowing the
>data-aware TIB_Edit components to be edited. :-(
>For testing, I have added a TIB_Query, I have made 1000% sure that the
>properties match the TIB_Cursor, I have duplicated the TIB_Edit and link it
>to the TIB_Query. I have also made sure the properties of the new TIB_Edit
>components(which are "link" to the TIB_Query) also match the existing
>TIB_Edit components (link to the TIB_Cursor). To my surprise in the case of
>the TIB_Query it all works fine, but not in the TIB_Cursor case. %-)
>Help, suggestion, ideas, criticism, even lol would be appreciated at this


Please do the following:

1. Create a database consisting of only the affected table and any
relevant domains, primany key constraint and indexes, and pump some actual
data into it from your live database.
2. Gbak this database and zip it up.
3. Send it to me so I can try to reproduce your problem.

I don't want any Delphi code.