Subject RE: [IBO] Edit data aware components question
Author Daniel Jimenez
> The purpose of AutoEdit and AutoInsert is to control the
> behaviour when focus goes to a grid row or data-aware control
> when the dataset is editabable. They do not determine
> whether or not the dataset is editable. If you set
> RequestLive to False, the dataset is not editable.
> If you must have the dataset read-only but you want to allow
> rows to be inserted to or updated on the underlying table,
> you will have to design an interface for it, using a
> separate, parameterised executable statement, typically a
> TIB_DSQL. You will have to provide TIB_ParamEdits (if
> appropriate) and/or unbound entry fields for the user. You
> will have to pick up any values wanted from the read-only
> dataset and/or from the unbound controls yourself.
> On the other hand, if you want to use the original dataset,
> you can set varying degrees of "editablity" at field level,
> using the FieldsReadOnly property. Study the help for
> details of the syntax.

Helen, unfortunately after having set the TIB_Cursor "FieldsReadOnly"
property for the fields I would like to edit, it is still not allowing the
data-aware TIB_Edit components to be edited. :-(


For testing, I have added a TIB_Query, I have made 1000% sure that the
properties match the TIB_Cursor, I have duplicated the TIB_Edit and link it
to the TIB_Query. I have also made sure the properties of the new TIB_Edit
components(which are "link" to the TIB_Query) also match the existing
TIB_Edit components (link to the TIB_Cursor). To my surprise in the case of
the TIB_Query it all works fine, but not in the TIB_Cursor case. %-)

Help, suggestion, ideas, criticism, even lol would be appreciated at this


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