Subject RE: [IBO] Re: ISC_ERROR 335544652 multiple rows in singleton select
Author Jason Wharton
> Don't bother replying to the message above - I don't have the time to
> mess about trying to fix this - I am going to use another database.
> I was under the impression that this was supposed to be RAD, but I
> don't think that 5 days spent on trying to apply an update to a single
> field of a single table is what you would call RAD.

From my 10 years plus experience dealing with databases, this kind of error
is your friend. It is much better to deal with the initial stringency of
tight constraints and get your learning curve accomplished on the front-side
of your development efforts rather than from pissed off customers
complaining that their application has some quirk in it that they can't
quite understand but they expect you to do something about.

This development environment you have chosen is as RAD as it gets. That's
assuming you know how your chosen SQL database works very well. You would
do well to hang in there and help us more to help you more. So far there's
still a disconnect but if you hang in there you can learn and when it all
"clicks" in your mind you'll have the last laugh.

Jason Wharton