Subject [IBO] Re: ISC_ERROR 335544652 multiple rows in singleton select
Author w1n9man
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> From my 10 years plus experience dealing with databases, this kind
of error
> is your friend. It is much better to deal with the initial
stringency of
> tight constraints and get your learning curve accomplished on the
> of your development efforts rather than from pissed off customers
> complaining that their application has some quirk in it that they can't
> quite understand but they expect you to do something about.
> This development environment you have chosen is as RAD as it gets.
> assuming you know how your chosen SQL database works very well. You
> do well to hang in there and help us more to help you more. So far
> still a disconnect but if you hang in there you can learn and when
it all
> "clicks" in your mind you'll have the last laugh.
> Jason Wharton


I have been working with databases for many years and I "cut my teeth"
on the early versions of Oracle 6.
I fully understand what you are saying and I agree with everything
that you have said. Under normal circumstances, I would stick with it
and sort the problem out, but in this case, I just don't have the
time. I am a partner in a startup business and we just don't have the
cash available for me to spend time sorting this problem, I have to
move on, unless someone can give me a quick fix for this. At the end
of the day, if I don't have a working app by the end of this month,
then I could have real problems. I chose Firebird because I have used
Interbase before, and found it easy to get along with, and because it
is free and runs on Windows.
If you think I can sort this quickly, OK. Let's give it a try.