Subject Re: [IBO] Problem in Binding Cursor in IB_Sql
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:54 PM 27/10/2004 -0400, you wrote:

>I think this is a bug myself because to get out of it I have to kill IB_Sql.
>I used the following query:
> c1.subjectid, c1.catid, c1.weight,
> sum(g1.points) as Points, sum(g1.totalpts) as TotalPts
> from gradebook g1
> join assignments a1 on a1.assignmentid = g1.assignid
> join classSubject c1 on c1.classid = a1.classid and
> c1.subjectid = a1.subjectid and c1.catid = a1.catid
> where
> g1.studentid = :pstudentid
> and a1.subjectID = :psubjectID
> and a1.DateAssigned >= :pStartdate
> and a1.DateAssigned <= :pEndDate
> and g1.points is not null /* Skips any assignments not graded yet. */
> and (g1.ABEX <> 'EX' /* Skips excused assignments. */
> or g1.ABEX is null)
> group by subjectID, catID, weight
>I set the parameters and open the dataset. It works fine.
>Then click refresh record rows and I get the error. I click OK to the error
>and it comes up again. Only way out is to kill IB_Sql.

Which interface tab are you using for this query? the "Cursor tab" or a