Subject Migrate BDE to IBObjects
Author crestty
I have migration problems,

We are currently in the process of migrating BDE to IBO,

We notice that their is no alternative for Session,

We have placed the IBO_Session on the Form but their is no property
to set the Session Name;

The Application is a 3 Tier application using MIDAS;

We now have problems when Queries get built at runtime, seem to
have no SQL statements and thus fail at on Prepare.

The strange thing is after performing the Same Query 3 to 4 times it
does eventually execute;

I also find it hard to DEbug the Application/Server since Delphi
takes me to the IBOSource that is not editable, once I press f8 to
step I am back at the Client GUI with no Idea where in our code this
got called. - Using the Stack trace does not help either, it only
shows the Stack of IBO and not the Server Application.

thanking you.