Subject RE: [IBO] Migrate BDE to IBObjects
Author Jason Wharton
Just make sure the creation order has the session first and all the linkage
is taken care of automatically for you.

Not sure about the debugging issues. Do you want to trace the IBO code or

If so, then you probably need to add the path of the IBO sources into your
search path and if not then you need to have a binary of IBO only and remove
the IBO sources from the search path.

Perhaps others can share what they have done.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Migrate BDE to IBObjects
> I have migration problems,
> We are currently in the process of migrating BDE to IBO,
> We notice that their is no alternative for Session,
> We have placed the IBO_Session on the Form but their is no property
> to set the Session Name;
> The Application is a 3 Tier application using MIDAS;
> We now have problems when Queries get built at runtime, seem to
> have no SQL statements and thus fail at on Prepare.
> The strange thing is after performing the Same Query 3 to 4 times it
> does eventually execute;
> I also find it hard to DEbug the Application/Server since Delphi
> takes me to the IBOSource that is not editable, once I press f8 to
> step I am back at the Client GUI with no Idea where in our code this
> got called. - Using the Stack trace does not help either, it only
> shows the Stack of IBO and not the Server Application.
> thanking you.