Subject Re: [IBO] TCP port settings
Author abedna2000

> > Before, I didn't specify tcp-port in the connection string and
> > Protocol property set itself up automatically. Like:
> > DataBaseName := 'localhost:c:\database.fdb' -> Protocol =
> This is odd, because by using localhost, the protocol should be
> cpTCP_IP. Maybe there's a bug, although I don't see anything
wrong in
> IBO 4.2 code. Maybe there's been a change in the logic for IBO

Yes, you're right, my mistake, sorry.

But still there's something wrong (maybe not with IBObjects, I can't
say really...)

a) When not specyfying the port in connection string, everything
works fine.

b) When specifying the service name 'gds_db' like:

DatabaseName := 'localhost/gds_db:c:\mydb.fdb';

The connection succeeds (Protocol = cpTCP_IP).

c) When specifying the port number 3050

DatabaseName := 'localhost/3050:c:\mydb.fdb';

I get an ISC error message

Unable to complete network request to host 'localhost'
Failed to locate host machine.
Undefined service 3050/tcp.

Any idea why? In '..system32\Drivers\etc\services' file there is an
gds_db 3050/tcp

in Firebird.conf the
RemoteServiceName is gds_db
RemoteServicePort is 3050
I'm telling this just to show I believe there should be a connection
on port 3050. I also couldn't check all this with remote connection

So why can't I connect when specifying the port number? Is this a
problem related to IBObjects or what's wrong?

Thank you for any idea