Subject Re: [IBO] TCP port settings
Author Daniel Rail

At October 12, 2004, 17:11, abedna2000 wrote:

> The problem was that the Protocol property had to be set up
> manually, too.

I always set it manually.

> Before, I didn't specify tcp-port in the connection string and the
> Protocol property set itself up automatically. Like:
> DataBaseName := 'localhost:c:\database.fdb' -> Protocol = cpLocal

This is odd, because by using localhost, the protocol should be
cpTCP_IP. Maybe there's a bug, although I don't see anything wrong in
IBO 4.2 code. Maybe there's been a change in the logic for IBO 4.3A.

> DataBaseName := 'someserver:c:\database.fdb' -> Protocol = cpTCP_IP

This is as expected.

> Currently I'm connecting to 'localhost' explicitly specifying the
> port '3050' (coz I don't know how to setup FB to listen on other
> port right now...).

Read the release notes of FB 1.5, it's all documented there.

> I hope it will work the same later, locally and
> remotely and on different ports too...?! (else I'm back here very
> soon :-)

In relation to using different port numbers, that question should be
asked in the firebird-support group on Yahoo Groups. And, it has been
asked numerous times already, so you might try searching the group

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