Subject RE: [IBO] Field Properties, Column Attribute - Question
Author Daniel Jimenez

> >And I am sorry to say it is not working for me regardless if
> I set this on
> >the TIB_Connection component through the Object Inspector,
> or the TIB_Cursor
> >component through the Object Inspector.
> What are you expecting it to do?
> Helen

I would expect the same results as those encountered when the same
ColumnAttributes and FieldProperties are set on a TIB_Query. Thus, as per
the documentation (which is word for word in both the TIB_Cursor and

"...All columns are visible by default. Just toggle the Visible property to
FALSE for your non-displaying column...."

"...Use the BOOLEAN setting so that, if a column that is designed to be
Boolean is used in a grid, it will appear as a checkbox...."