Subject [IBO] Re: Admin components
Author russellbelding
Thank you Helen, Don and Mark for your comments.

Mark I did have GDDS32.dll in the Win System32 directory and I likely
misdiagnosed why I did not get the IBOAdmin.BackupService working.

Helen I downloaded your example and it works (after setting the
backup folder in your ini file).

I am interested in a backup and restore capability for the usual
reasons. To my knowledge only GBAK can correctly save a live FB
database file. Should a site using one of our FB apps upgrade their
version of FB and want to benefit from a new ODS they must use a GBAK
backup and restore. To use a GBAK restore requires, more or less, no
users be actively using the DB file. So some method of disconnecting
all users, forcibly if necessary, and preventing new connections, is
desired as the safest way to do a restore. I do not know if this
disconnection and prevention is built into IBOAdmin's restore
component. I suppose not.

It is easy to imagine a way to achieve disconnection and prevention
if we require each connection to be registered in a table. When a
restore is requested an event notification will be sent to all
applications. The connected user count can be examined by the
application requestion the restore. Other actions and details follow.

At present it seems the IBOAdmin Backup requires the client library
be named GDS32.DLL. On my setup with no GDS32.DLL's on client or
server, Helens sample program failed because GDS32.DLL was not
available. In the IBOAdmin source is no use of "GDS32.DLL". (but
maybe I have missed something) So I have not figured out how to
change IBOAdmin so it will use FBCLIENT.DLL. (I haven't tried hard.)

At present the FB 1.5.1 fbclient.dll can be renamed gds23.dll and the
renamed file will work on our IBO applications. I am not sure if this
will be true with new FB versions. So continued use of GDS32.DLL may
not be possible.

IBO uses gds32.dll and to get it to use fbclient.dll can change the
only name in IB_SESSION511.pas file to "FBCLIENT.DLL".

So using the IBOAdmin backup and restore services is not my first
choice to achieve a FB backup and restore. The disconnect and prevent
problem is not handled, I think, and it requires GDS32.DLL.

By contrast gbak.exe requires fbclient.dll and will not run with only
gds32.dll present. I have gbak.exe in my main program directory, and
am using it to now to perform backups and later restores, on the DB
server. The details are in CH38 of the Big Firebird Book.

Don if Lorenzo Mengoni is responding perhaps he would be interested
in commenting. Any other insight or corrections?

Kind regards

Russell Belding

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> > The IBOBackupService sample app that I posted to the Files
section of the
> > list a few weeks ago was built in Delphi 6 with the Fb 1.5.1
server and
> the
> > employee database that was part of the 1.5.1 build.
> >
> > I didn't have to do anything special. If you're having problems,
I'd want
> > to check that you're actually using the correct versions of
everything on
> > the client side, for the server that you're using. IBO's
> in
> > IBO4.3 and above does check for a Firebird server.
> >
> > Helen
> I've been using IBOAdmin with D6 for several months. It works fine
> an adjustment needed to be made to the source to get it to work in
one case.
> Can't remember exactly what but I could find out if I had to.
> Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to Mr.
Mengoni? I've
> written him a few times and get no response. He was doing well
with getting
> updates to code out for awhile.
> Thanks.
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