Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Admin components
Author Alan McDonald
> Thank you Helen, Don and Mark for your comments.
> Mark I did have GDDS32.dll in the Win System32 directory and I likely
> misdiagnosed why I did not get the IBOAdmin.BackupService working.
> Helen I downloaded your example and it works (after setting the
> backup folder in your ini file).
> I am interested in a backup and restore capability for the usual
> reasons. To my knowledge only GBAK can correctly save a live FB
> database file. Should a site using one of our FB apps upgrade their
> version of FB and want to benefit from a new ODS they must use a GBAK
> backup and restore. To use a GBAK restore requires, more or less, no
> users be actively using the DB file. So some method of disconnecting
> all users, forcibly if necessary, and preventing new connections, is
> desired as the safest way to do a restore. I do not know if this
> disconnection and prevention is built into IBOAdmin's restore
> component. I suppose not.

these are the best steps I know to backup/restore cycle.
1. shutdown the database (assuming not everyone connected as SYSDBA - if so
then you're in trouble - choose a time when noone is connected or stop the
server and ignore step 2)
2. disconnect as SYSDBA
3. rename the database to another name (now noone can connect - they get
unavailable database)
4. backup the database (start the server again before this if you had to
stop it).
5. restore to yet another filename.
6. rename restored db to original db
7. startup db if required.

to just backup - do it anytime you like