Subject IO Objets design time editor behaviour question.
Author Daniel Jimenez

I have recently started using IB Objects. Thus, the question I am about to
ask may seem "Silly," however, I have read the documentation, and I am still
wondering if I am doing things the wrong way.

I have droped a IB_Connection component onto a DataModule. When I double
click the IB_Connection, it displays a design time editor, in which I can
set not only the details of the Connection, but also the details for the
Transaction, DSQL, Cursor and Query Forms. I then drop a IB_Transaction
component onto the same DataModule. However, the settings I had made through
the design time editor when working on the IB_Connection component are not
captured/displayed on the design time editor of the IB_Transaction

I have also encountered the same behaviour with the IB_Cursor component
design time editor.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you



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