Subject Re: Admin components
Author russellbelding
--- In, "Jonathan M. Freedman"
<jonathanmfreedman@h...> wrote:
> I've tried to install IBOAdmin into CBuilder++ 6 but to no avail,
> there a workaround? IBServices from Borland does not appear to
> with Firebird 1.5 or else i am doing something wrong...if i want to
> use off the shelf components for administration, what other
> alternatives do i have?
> Jon Freedman

Hi Jon

If you are referring to the IBOAdmin component posted at be aware the last change made to this is noted as
23Aug02, before important FB releases. I've tried the Delphi version
of this component and was unable to make it work. (D6, IBO4.3Aa,
Win2K, FB 1.5.1). The package was detecting my installation as an IB
(not FB) setup. I'd like to know if anyone gets this IBOAdmin to work
with FB 1.5.x.

Best regards

Russell Belding