Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Admin components
Author Mark Pickersgill
Hi Russell,
I've got IBOAdmin working with FB 1.5.1 in D5.

There's some trickery that is done to automatically determine if the
IBOAdmin stuff should use IB or FB communication. It's done by checking
returned values from one or two of the gds32.dll calls. So it might be
the case that it's picking up an IB gds32.dll.

but it does work :)


>Hi Jon
>If you are referring to the IBOAdmin component posted at
> be aware the last change made to this is noted as
>23Aug02, before important FB releases. I've tried the Delphi version
>of this component and was unable to make it work. (D6, IBO4.3Aa,
>Win2K, FB 1.5.1). The package was detecting my installation as an IB
>(not FB) setup. I'd like to know if anyone gets this IBOAdmin to work
>with FB 1.5.x.
>Best regards
>Russell Belding