Subject Re: [IBO] Admin components
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:21 PM 5/10/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>I've tried to install IBOAdmin into CBuilder++ 6 but to no avail, is
>there a workaround? IBServices from Borland does not appear to work
>with Firebird 1.5 or else i am doing something wrong...if i want to
>use off the shelf components for administration, what other
>alternatives do i have?

Look at the source for the package (IBOAdmin.dpk):

IBO40CRT_D6; <------------------ IBO40CRT_C6 ?

I don't have Builder but possibly the Borland package names need to be
altered, too, since IBOAdmin assumes Delphi 6 is the current package. Maybe
your Borl runtime libs have names like vcl50.bpl and so on.

An alternative you could try is the InterBase Admin components that come
with some editions, or are on the companion CD with others.

As a last resort you could search CodeCentral to see if the C6 version of
the IB service components are available there.

You need to connect them through a TIBDatabase (IBX), so it's a bit of a
crock but it should work, since the service components require their own
connection to the database in any event. Just make sure you generate the
"IBX compatibility" version of gds32.dll (using fbclient.exe). IBO works
OK with the compatibility version but IBX doesn't work without it.