Subject Locate() not working correctly
Author Joe Martinez
I have the following piece of code:

TLocateOptions Opts;
Variant locvalues[3];
locvalues[0] = Variant(theClassID);
locvalues[1] = Variant(theSectID);
locvalues[2] = Variant(theEnrollID);
bool LocateResult =
VarArrayOf(locvalues, 2), Opts);
long NewKey = SectEnrollsTable->FieldByName("enrollid")->AsInteger;

Note: SectEnrollsTable is a TIBOTable

I was having problems where this code would often locate the wrong record,
so I traced the execution of the code in the debugger (BCB4).

Right before this block of code, theEnrollID has a value of 13975. So,
that should be the key that it's looking for.

The Locate() call (2nd to last line) returns True.
After executing the last line, NewKey has a value of 3775, NOT 13975.

How is this possible? If the Locate() on 13975 is successful, then how can
it immediately after be on a different record?