Subject Re: [IBO] Size mismatech for field...
Author Jason Wharton
> Today i upgraded my IBO from 4.2Gc to 4.3Aa.
> My database server is a Firebird 1.5 RC8 on Fedora Linux 1.0. When i
> compile and run my app, using Delhpi 6, i receive the error:
> Size mismatch for field 'EMP1ALIQUOTAISS', expecting: 4 actual: 2.
> This error is happening with several numeric fields.
> Someone know what is happening? Is it some known bug?

If I had more details I could probably give you an update that would allow
the field definitions to be silently corrected. Please look at the DFM and
tell me what is stored before and then after the new settings are made.