Subject Re: [IBO] Size mismatch for field...
Author fabiano_bonin
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...>
> > Today i upgraded my IBO from 4.2Gc to 4.3Aa.
> >
> > My database server is a Firebird 1.5 RC8 on Fedora Linux 1.0.
When i
> > compile and run my app, using Delhpi 6, i receive the error:
> >
> > Size mismatch for field 'EMP1ALIQUOTAISS', expecting: 4 actual:
> >
> > This error is happening with several numeric fields.
> >
> > Someone know what is happening? Is it some known bug?
> If I had more details I could probably give you an update that
would allow
> the field definitions to be silently corrected. Please look at the
DFM and
> tell me what is stored before and then after the new settings are
> Thanks,
> Jason

What details do you need?

The actual DFM of the field is:

Required = True

Is is a TIBOQuery, and the error happens when i try to open it. If i
drop the query and create a new one, when a add the fields they are
coming with the right sizes. It's happening only with queries create
with older versions of IBO.

I just use iboTDataset components.

If i compile the same app in another machine with IBO4.2Gc, it works
without problems.

Tomorrow at office i can try to make a test case with the FB
examples database, if you think it is usefull.