Subject Re: [IBO] Connected remains True
Author Jason Wharton
It shows true because it still has the handle it formerly received. If a
connection fails you need to be in control of calling Disconnect in order to
clean things up, etc. If I were to do that automatically I may not do it as
you would like.

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From: "Andreas Bednarek" <bluehorse@...>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 10:10 AM
Subject: [IBO] Connected remains True

> Hello everyone,
> TIBODatabase.Connected remains True also if the connection with the
> has been lost.
> Is it a bug?
> How can I know, that the connection has been lost? Listening to exceptions
> on table access and trying to reconnect within the concept of those shows
> some side effects. There is a property documented,
> TIBODatabase.ConnectionWasLost, but is probably not implemented in IBO4.2.
> Please help, I'm not able to reconnect to a database without a nasty modal
> dialog 'Dataset is currently fetching'. (As you can read in some of my
> previous messages 'How to reconnect to DB'(' II'). If you wish to repost
> them please tell me!)
> Why shouldn't the Connected property reflect an established connection
> (maybe for some seconds at least)? If the appropriate sockets get
> disconnected I think you should definitely be able to realise that...?.
> I'm using IBO4.2 with FB1.5 RC8, Delphi4.
> Thank you very much
> Andreas