Subject Re: [IBO] Search In Depth
Author Jason Wharton
> Iam trying to find the information I needed to understand more how the
> search in IBO search mode works. I have search thru the ibobjects
> website and in this forum. But didn't find the info I needed.
> For example all the field of the table was presented by ib_edits, so in
> search mode the user could just type something in any of the ib_edit to
> search for something. My question is what I want to perform the same
> search procedure provided by the IBO in search mode(because I think it
> is very efficient and easy) not by my putting something in the
> ib_edits, but my coding it. How could I do that? I have falsely conclude
> that it could be as easy as ...
> ib_query.fieldby('name').asstring:='borland' in search, but it is not.
> So how do I do it by code.
> Correct me if Iam wrong, the search provided by IBO can't be use if your
> query is derive from two or more table by joins.

If you want to do your own search logic what you do is use the InvalidateSQL
and Refresh method and then have in the OnPrepareSQL even code to add items
to the SQLWhereItems property and then IBO will parse them into your SQL for

It should still work even with JOIN's in your SQL.

Jason Wharton