Subject Re: TIB_Grid and multiselect
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, "sllimr7139" <rmcontrols@m...> wrote:
> > b) if the user is focused outside the grid, but he clicks upon a
> > IB_UpdateBar (i.e. delete button) he has to know what is the current
> > record.
> Isn't that what the rowindicator is supposed to be for?? Sorry for my
> ignorance but what is the point to having a rowindicator (that you CAN
> shut off BTW) vs a current row hightlight that is always on?

Yes, you are right, and even if I always set IndicateRow to true, the
visual feedback is not that good (wondering if any of my customers has
ever noticed it).
Let's say that IB_Grid should provide two information to the user: the
current record (i.e. sometime in the grid I put info like the customer
name and city, and in the rest of the form IB_Edit to edit the rest of
the customer information) and if focused or not. The balance of visual
feedback is not impossible to be reached ;) The actual situation is
for sure "sub-optimal".
Marco Menardi