Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid and multiselect
Author sllimr7139
Hi Paul,

> Wait a minute... are you sure IndicateHighlight is false for
> the grid? Because that's not the same as the CurrentRowColor.
> IndicateHighlight uses the Windows highlight color, and
> it kicks in when the Grid *loses* focus.

Positive. Here are my current modified properties:

IndicateHighlight = false,
IndicateSelected = false,
RowSelect = true,
The reset are size and alignment properties.

> I just added these two handlers to an app of mine:


> And it works like a charm! Of course if you use it for more
> grids, you must cast Sender to TIB_Grid*.

Already done the TIB_Grid(Sender) thing, Thanks. <g>

> Also realize that clicking on a non-windowed control (like a
> TIB_UpdateBar) doesn't take the focus away, so this will leave the
> current row in CurrentRowColor (not Windows' highlight color).

I know. Clicking on a TButton or a TEdit Field should force a
focus change though.

Both of my grids, at design time, specify that the
CurrentRowColor is clWindow so how they get the default windows
highlight doesn't make any sense to me. (clWindow is the default
value for CurrentRowColor)