Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid and multiselect
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Ryan,

>> Wait a minute... are you sure IndicateHighlight is false

> Positive. Here are my current modified properties:
> IndicateHighlight = false,
> IndicateSelected = false,
> RowSelect = true,

I have RowSelect false, but that shouldn't make the difference. If
true, the Windows highlight color (*if* it appears) will be on the
entire row, if false only on the focused cell.

> Both of my grids, at design time, specify that the CurrentRowColor
> is clWindow so how they get the default windows highlight doesn't
> make any sense to me. (clWindow is the default value for
> CurrentRowColor)

Does it get the Windows highlight both when focused and when not?

And what happens if you assign another CurrentRowColor? I know, I
know, it shouldn't make a difference wrt highlighting...

Paul Vinkenoog