Subject Re: [IBO] Create a DB
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Stan,

> I thought I'd start easy and create a database
> (they're no longer called Tables, right?).

A database _contains_ tables. After you create the database, you
create tables (and other stuff).

Creating a database from IBO works like this:

Connection.Username := 'Stan';
Connection.Password := 'Ollie';
Connection.Server := 'hoosegow';
Connection.Protocol := cpTCP_IP;
Connection.Path := 'C:\Path\to\MyDatabase.fdb';
Connection.PageSize := 4096;
Connection.SQLDialect := 3;
on EIB_Error do...

Of course you can also set a lot of the above properties at design
time via the Object Inspector.

After you've succesfully created the database, you can create domains,
tables, triggers, etc. etc. You do this with SQL statements; the
preferred method is to store them in a TIB_Script.

Have a look at the IBO Help; also consider buying the Getting Started

Paul Vinkenoog