Subject Create a DB
Author drstanl
gotta start somewhere...

I just downloaded Firebird (1.0.3) and the trial IBObjects.

I thought I'd start easy and create a database
(they're no longer called Tables, right?).

On a form I placed a tEdit (to enter the name of the new
database/table), an IBConnection, an IBTransaction, and an IBQuery.

On a button click handler I put in this code
(in a Delphi 5 program) to read the name of
a new database from a tEdit and try to create
the database:

Ed_NewDb.text := trim(Ed_NewDb.text); { the table name }
Q.databaseName := PathEXE; { the path of the executable }

Q.sql.add('CREATE DATABASE '''+trim(Ed_NewDB.text)+'.GDB''');

Q.sql.add('USER ''SYSDBA''');
Q.sql.add('PASSWORD ''masterkey'';');


What I got for my blind efforts was the following error msg:

ISC Error Code 335544472
Your user name and password are not defined.

Obviously, there's more to this client/server setup than I'm familiar
with (from the BDE).

Can some please help walk me out of the woods?

Many thanks,
-- Stan