Subject Re: [IBO] TID_DSQL and keylinks
Author Ronan van Riet
Okay, let me try to explain what I am trying to do.

I am inserting a record into table e_project, using TIB_DSQL. The SQL for that TIB_DSQL is EXECUTE PROCEDURE <my proc(params1..paramsn). That works fine.
Now when I retrieve a dataset with can contain multiple records, also using TIB_DSQL I am not seeing the synchornised data.

If output fields in a selectable SP are cooked at execution time, is any synchronisation needed/possible?

My preference is to use an selectable SP, what are my options?

Thanks again for your help!

>>If this doesn't direct you to a solution to your problem, could you state
>>the actual problem again?

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