Subject Re: [IBO] Transaction.RollbackRetaining Error?
Author Jason Wharton
Please provide for me a very simple sample application that will duplicate
this problem.

Jason Wharton

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Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2004 10:25 AM
Subject: [IBO] Transaction.RollbackRetaining Error?

> Hi list,
> I use IBO Version 4.2.Db.
> When I run TIBOTable.Insert from my Insert button, then I run
> TIBOTable.Cancel from Cancel Button, and in TIBOTable.AfterCancel event
> I wrote: Transaction.RollBackRetaining, an error appear: Access
> violation at address.. When I click OK button, this error reference at
> IB_Utils. Why?
> Thanks You for Your respond.
> I'm sorry if my English not good.
> Yohans.