Subject Re: [IBO] TID_DSQL and keylinks
Author Helen Borrie

At 01:45 AM 11/01/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>Using TIB_DSQL.
> >>2) -When I have Delphi perform an INSERT, the record is not being
> >>When querying the table, with IB Expert I see the record has been added.
> >It does get committed; but you are observing the effect of not setting up
> >your KeyLinks. If IBO doesn't know the key, it can't synchronise. After
> >the Commit you would have to close and open the whole dataset to see the
> >new row.
> >
> >Helen
>I have since added the correct PK to my table, but where can I set TIB_DSQL
>keysautodefine and keylinks?

You can't, and wouldn't need to, since TIB_DQSL is not a dataset
component. I've probably responded to your question out of context, for
which I apologise.

You *can* assign keylinks to an ib_cursor, if they are needed. But I'm not
sure it's relevant to the problem you describe...

The output fields in a selectable SP don't exist in the database. They are
"cooked" at the time the SP executes. There is no way to update the client
view after a DML operation except by cooking them again when the database
image changes.

If this doesn't direct you to a solution to your problem, could you state
the actual problem again?


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