Subject Re: IBO 4.3A RowsAffected
Author jensdein
After some further investigation I found that the problem is that IBO
seems to have some problem when the Params are not named when using

I tried to use a simple delete statement :

delete from sometable where ID = ?

I then send along the parameter with the ID. I traced the executed SQL
statement using the SQL Monitor and could see that the parameter was
left blank when executed.

As far as I could see it was left out somewhere in the
'SysDefineParams' method.

I remember having had similar problems before and found the I had
inserted this code :

if Assigned(AParams) then
FQuery.FParams.Assign( AParams );

in then PSExecuteStatement method. This actually solves the problem
allthough it might not be the right solution. I think I actually made
Jason aware of this problem but it seems like it's still unsolved.

--- In, "jensdein" <jens.dein@e...> wrote:
> I have just upgraded my IBO to latest version, and are testing that
> all is working as usual. I am using TIBOQuery in combination with
> clientdatasets and when they do an update they always check then
> RowsAffected property to see wether any actually were updated.
> Now I allways seem to get a result of 0 even though there should be
> row to update (have checked the SQL). I am using FB 1.5 but tested
> this with IBO 4.2hj and that worked fine!
> Any suggestions, or comments?