Subject Re: [IBO] search thru ib_edit
Author james_027
> In the OnKeyPress event of the TIB_Edit I check if the associated
dataset is
> in search mode and if it is then I call the Post method which will
> the search criteria and attempt to open the dataset with the search
> critieria applied.
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton

I want to perform search on almost all field as much as possible,
you mean every ib_edit onkeypress event I have to put a code on it?

I want something that is similiar to the IB_query component(when we
double click the component a window was launch were almost all the
setup of the IB_query could be done their) you have when put into
search mode we can search on any field with regardless of the
searching links.

Sorry for my poor english hope you get what Iam trying to say.