Subject Re: [IBO] search thru ib_edit
Author Luiz
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> I want to perform search on almost all field as much as possible,
> you mean every ib_edit onkeypress event I have to put a code on it?
You can do it or put a tib_updatebar in your form. Enter in search mode,
fill the fields that you need to search in click on post button of the
tib_updatebar to see the result set.

> I want something that is similiar to the IB_query component(when we
> double click the component a window was launch were almost all the
> setup of the IB_query could be done their) you have when put into
> search mode we can search on any field with regardless of the
> searching links.
IB_Query comp uses tib_searchbar to do it. There are samples in ibo package
showing how to do it.