Subject Re: [IBO] Re IB_SearchPanel
Author Raymond Kennington
IB Objects wrote:
> I'm not sure the best way to make this generic so for this functionality you
> will need to custom create a solution. I would be highly interested in
> suggestions for improvement to the TIB_SearchPanel.
> Jason Wharton

Some ideas:

(a) A Tree of values in which the top level is a list of fields selected by
the user, the 2nd level is a list of possible values to find for each field.
There could be a radio group to select whether the fields are to be ANDed or

(b) Variation on (a) is to have the first level as values that must be
satisfied and the 2nd level specifies the fields that they are to be found in.
Two radio groups: one for the first level to indicate if ANDed or ORed, and
another for the 2nd level.

(c) Allow a multi-select lookup-combo for each field. Each selected value will
be ORed and a radio-group is used to select whether the fields are ANDed or

(d) Have a string grid with a selectable field to indicate the field a column
corresponds to and each row contains a possible value for each field. Row
values are ORed and a radio-group specifies whether the fields are ORed or

(e) a more-complex tree that allows multiple levels of ANDs and ORs in which
the odd levels are always ORs and the even levels are always ANDs.

(f) Same as (e) but instead of a tree, use 2 tables in a master-detail

Raymond Kennington

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> Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 12:28 AM
> Subject: [IBO] Re IB_SearchPanel
> > Hi
> >
> > I am using IB Search ppanel with some success, having set up the
> > fields of interest in the gridlinks.
> >
> > I was wondering now if it was possible to add an item to the grid to
> > so an OR'd search on multiple columns's.
> > I could do what I want as a seperate control , but it would not look
> > very good.
> >
> > Eg I have a table where I have the following
> >
> > Id
> > MassName
> > Formulae
> > MajorPeak
> > Peak1
> > Peak2
> > .....
> > Peak10
> >
> >
> > Mostly I search on Formulae, Major peak etc then the SearchPanel is
> > fine.
> >
> > I would however like to perform a search for a peak of a particular
> > integer value in all of peak1..n.
> >
> > ie return any massname with a peak in it of n.
> >
> > I can write the sql for this, or a procedure, but can I integrate
> > this into a SearchPanel ?
> >
> > Rgds
> >
> > Peter

Raymond Kennington
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