Subject Re: [IBO] Re IB_SearchPanel
Author IB Objects
I'm not sure the best way to make this generic so for this functionality you
will need to custom create a solution. I would be highly interested in
suggestions for improvement to the TIB_SearchPanel.

Jason Wharton

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Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 12:28 AM
Subject: [IBO] Re IB_SearchPanel

> Hi
> I am using IB Search ppanel with some success, having set up the
> fields of interest in the gridlinks.
> I was wondering now if it was possible to add an item to the grid to
> so an OR'd search on multiple columns's.
> I could do what I want as a seperate control , but it would not look
> very good.
> Eg I have a table where I have the following
> Id
> MassName
> Formulae
> MajorPeak
> Peak1
> Peak2
> .....
> Peak10
> Mostly I search on Formulae, Major peak etc then the SearchPanel is
> fine.
> I would however like to perform a search for a peak of a particular
> integer value in all of peak1..n.
> ie return any massname with a peak in it of n.
> I can write the sql for this, or a procedure, but can I integrate
> this into a SearchPanel ?
> Rgds
> Peter