Subject Re: [IBO] Problem installing IBO_4_2_IE
Author IB Objects
This is normal. You need to rebuild all packages using the project group
file. This way it will handle all the dependancies.

You can ignore and try over and over and you will eventually get a clean
rebuild all. You may need to tell design-time packages to load back into the
pallette again.


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Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 8:07 AM
Subject: [IBO] Problem installing IBO_4_2_IE

> I was at IBO_4_2_id (Delphi 7 ent,win 2000 prof) and was trying to
> upgrade to ie. I copyied all the ie files to the ibobjects. While
> doing the build all projects step, I get the same entry point not
> found error 4 times ("The procedure entry point
> @IB_metadata@TIB_CustomerMetadata@SetCodeOptions$qqr58System@%
> Set$t29Ib_metadata@TIB_DDLCodeOption$iuc$0$iuc$13% could not be
> located in the dynamic link library IBO40TRT_D7.bpl.") After each
> error I get 4 different "can't load package" errors ("Can't load
> package c:\program files\borland\delphi7
> \projects\bpl\ibo40vdt_d7.bpl. The specified procedure could not be
> found."). The first one is for ibo40vdt_d7.bpl. Then ibo40fdt_d7.bpl,
> ibo40xdt_d7.bpl, and finally ibo40edt_d7.bpl. I just ok'd each
> message and the build finished. IBO appears to be installed ok. My
> large 12meg application compiles (with build all) and seems to run
> ok. Can I safely go on my merry way and ignore the messages or do I
> have a problem that needs to be addressed? I also started from
> scratch and removed ibo, installed release i with no problems and
> then tried to install ie and got the same error messages. Thanks.
> Stan Walker