Subject Re: [IBO] Problem installing IBO_4_2_IE
Author stanw1950
Normal for subrelease ie or all subreleases? I have been installing
new releases for over a year and have never seen those messages
before. Anyway, I did the open project, ibo40_d7.bpg, opened it and
did a build all projects and this time (the second time) there were
no errors. Thanks Jason.

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> This is normal. You need to rebuild all packages using the project
> file. This way it will handle all the dependancies.
> You can ignore and try over and over and you will eventually get a
> rebuild all. You may need to tell design-time packages to load back
into the
> pallette again.
> Jason
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> Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 8:07 AM
> Subject: [IBO] Problem installing IBO_4_2_IE
> > I was at IBO_4_2_id (Delphi 7 ent,win 2000 prof) and was trying to
> > upgrade to ie. I copyied all the ie files to the ibobjects. While
> > doing the build all projects step, I get the same entry point not
> > found error 4 times ("The procedure entry point
> > @IB_metadata@TIB_CustomerMetadata@SetCodeOptions$qqr58System@%
> > Set$t29Ib_metadata@TIB_DDLCodeOption$iuc$0$iuc$13% could not be
> > located in the dynamic link library IBO40TRT_D7.bpl.") After each
> > error I get 4 different "can't load package" errors ("Can't load
> > package c:\program files\borland\delphi7
> > \projects\bpl\ibo40vdt_d7.bpl. The specified procedure could not
> > found."). The first one is for ibo40vdt_d7.bpl. Then
> > ibo40xdt_d7.bpl, and finally ibo40edt_d7.bpl. I just ok'd each
> > message and the build finished. IBO appears to be installed ok. My
> > large 12meg application compiles (with build all) and seems to run
> > ok. Can I safely go on my merry way and ignore the messages or do
> > have a problem that needs to be addressed? I also started from
> > scratch and removed ibo, installed release i with no problems and
> > then tried to install ie and got the same error messages. Thanks.
> >
> > Stan Walker
> >