Subject IBO and fbembeded.dll HOWTO
Author mp527
Seen some discussion on this and I have run into the same problems
and resolved them.

First leave the name of the dll as it is, do not rename it.
Jason includes a unit with IBO called IB_Session511. Add this unit
to your DPR as the first unit.

program AMmessenger;


now edit IB_Session511 and set the IB_Constants.IB_GDS32 as shown





// Replace the normal value with the alternate client DLL value.
IB_Constants.IB_GDS32 := 'fbembed.dll';

Make sure you include the fbembed.dll in the same dir as your exe
and that you use only local connection strings i.e. c:\pathto_DB.
You cannot use UNC paths such as \\myserver\mydb This will not work
and you will get the datbase unavailable error.

For whatever reason if you name the dll GDS32 it seems to conflict
with the one in use in the system dir.

Anytime you need to use the embeded version just make sure to add
the IB_session511 to your DPR uses as the first unit and you should
be good to go.
Since I did this I have had 0 problems with the embedded version and
it works on any test PC i install it on whether or not there is
already a server running.

you can run your app from a UNC path, as long as the DB connection
string path is LOCAL. There is also a issue with the lck file in
the current fbembed.dll as it is limited to 8 characters and uses
the PC name for the file, this can cause problems when you share you
app exe among lots of users via a UNC or mapped drive share. I have
run into issue where the users name there PCS something like
These two pcs would have lck sharing issues because the name would
be truncated to 8 characters so they would end up with the same lck
file on the shared drive.

Hope this helps.

Tony Caduto