Subject Re: [IBO] new TIB_Datasource component editor
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Norman/Helen/all,

Norman Dunbar wrote:
> At 12:22 PM 18/06/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>>one word for version 1.2 - STUNNING !
>>This 'just works' in BCB6 as well - I've sent you a BCB 6 version of the
>>package file privately.
>>(Also available on request to those who want it.)

Helen Borrie wrote:
> Any reason not to put it up on Contributed Components page?

only reason is that it's a "newborn" and might need
some bugfixing, or some enhancements or extensions...
reports/opinions/suggestions always welcome!

> You can
> license it any way you like...except GPL, which doesn't work with Trustware...

no, it's not licensed under GPL (General Purpose
License?), it's under NLAABFWSAEAYOR (no license at
all, but free with sources and entirely at your own
risk ;-) ); so i don't see any problems with that...

actually, i wanted to ask Jason to "assimilate" it
into the main tree for one of the next releases, when
it has "settled" and others find it useful -
wanna try it? :

( sorry for the advertising, but i really need some
more betatesters... :-) )